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I myself hand carve all pieces that come in. I charge much differently for my carving work. Unlike others that charge by the project, I charge $60 for an hour of non-stop carving, plus the cost of wood and carpentry. I keep close track of the amount of hours I spend, and don't take advantadge of anybody. I work as quickly as possible while maintaining a superior level of craftmenship.

Here, we paint, faux finish, and refinish furniture. We do have a set price on painting distressing and refinishing furniture. The Price chart can be found on the Prices page!

At S&S Wood Design we gild antique furniture, frames, just about anything. Price will obviously vary on the size of the area to be gilded. We use standard imitation gold leaf, but if the customer would like a genuine gold or silver gild it will cost extra.



Custom Hand Carving

Painting, Refinishing, and Distressing.

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